Foam Stands

We can customise disposable stands to fit your event!


Made from foam and wrapped in your theme colours, we pre-poked your stand for you so you will be able to display our Sugar Pops in their best light possible. Stands can be made to display any quantity of Sugar Pops, saving you time and effort to source stands yourself!


Ask us about flat-packed stands suitable for postage! Depending on your event, we do not offer wrapped Sugar Pops unless requested and if so, we only use bio-degradable cellophane for packaging.

Stand Hire

We have a large range of Sugar Pop stands available for hire and are especially designed to hold our pops. They are easily set up and add a touch of style to complete your event look! As our stands are made for our Sugar Pops, they are only available to hire with purchase of our Sugar pops.


All our towers are imported from America in limited quantities. Towers will only be available for formal functions, weddings and corporate orders due to availability.



Stand hire is for 2 days (including weekends). The hire cost of the stand will be charged to your invoice with a safety bond charged separately to your account. This deposit will be refunded in full upon the safe return of our stand within the allocated time frame. There is an overdue fee of $10 per day per stand. Drop off is preferred for returns.  Otherwise, a 25% pickup fee will be added to your delivery costs. More stands will be added upon availability.