edible bouquet blooms

Edible Bouquet Blooms

Thinking of giving someone an edible bouquet but is sick of the same old style? Our edible blooms last for 2-4 weeks and are some of the prettiest edible bouquet blooms around! Not only are they unique and personalised.. they are easily transportable and can be posted all over Australia. Send an edible bouquet blooms today!


All our edible bouquet blooms are suitable for postage across Australia during the warm summers or cool winter months


edible bouquet blooms

Our smallest petite edible bouquet blooms start from $40 for a bunch of 5 classic cake pops, without sugar flowers or decorations. They are great as individual gift bundles. We do offer smaller bouquets of 3 as party favours as well as much larger bundles for corporate gifting. All bouquets can be customised and mixed with other Sugar Pops as a personalised bundle for your loved ones.


edible bouquet blooms

Our bubble pop bouquets are NEW for 2021. Each bouquet contain 3 cake pops in a floral arrangement with silk flowers. Size of the ballon is 40cm, perched on a gold ceramic pot and tied with a silk ribbon. The balloon can stay inflated for 4 weeks. Due to the size of the bouquet, these are not suitable for postage. Price is fixed at $65 as we can only fit a limited number of cake pops in these.


edible bouquet blooms

Our box edible bouquet blooms start at $70 for a box of 12 simple cake pops arranged in a cardboard cube box. This arrangement fits a maximum of 40 Sugar Pops. You can mix and match different type of Sugar Pops as well as customised it to your preferred colour palette. Box bouquets are not suitable to be posted.


edible bouquet blooms

We have created edible bouquet blooms for corporate branding, festive gifts, media launches, bridesmaid invitations and more! All we need is your allocated budget per bouquet and let us do the rest! Due to the amount of time needed to personalise your bouquets, we do have a minimum quantity per order.

Current 2022 pricing:

5 pop – $45 | 10 pop – $85 | 12 pop – $95 | 18 pop – $130

The price is the same for simple designs with either sugar flowers or candies etc., whether you prefer a bouquet of mixed cookies/ cake pops or all cake pops.

If you order before 6pm , we usually deliver the next day. Themed bouquets with characters etc will usually require about 5 days notice period and incur a custom order surcharge.

Please use below form to order your bouquets from our bakery. As we do not have an online ordering system, all orders will be invoiced manually upon confirmation with our customers as to the personalisation they need. Filling in the enquiry form below does not indicate a sale purchase. 

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