You’ve Got HAPPY Mail!

Oh hey there,

The Sugar Babes and I wanted to share our new project, HAPPY MAIL, with you! So why is it a project? Well, to be bluntly honest, we hate the word, newsletter. I think, you our dear customer, really do not care about the “luxury” of receiving our oh-so-titillating newsletter just because we have your email address. Well, you know how to find us if you ever need our attention, right?

So here’s why we want to call it a project. We want to go back to basics and start injecting happy thought bubbles into your life every time you open a Happy Mail from us. Once a week we’ll be sending some pretty inspirations your way, share with you our positive thoughts, giving you treat coupons and you’ll also be the first to get access to our latest goodies!

More love notes from us, less pointless texts.. the way mails should be. If it sounds like something you’ll love to receive, please fill in your email address below!

Current Subcribers Count: 1310
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