At Sugar Pop Bakery, we believe a dessert pop not only has to look too beautiful to eat but also as good as what it’s made of.  That’s why we only use the best.

Inspired by fresh ingredients and family recipes, all our dessert pops are made from scratch and in small batches throughout the day, using artisan methods.  We never compromise quality and whenever possible, we buy local and organic.

We also bake with a variety of nuts and nut products in our kitchen and advise our clients with severe nut allergies to err on the side of caution and use your best discretion when eating our dessert pops as they will be baked on site in the presence of nuts.

Some nutritional information you might need to know:

  • All products are suitable for vegetarians, except for those containing marshmallow (gelatin) such as Marshmallow Pops.
  • We do not use animal fats
  • We cater for the following dietary restriction (extra cost will incur): gluten free, egg free, diary free, nut free
  • All our items contain eggs except for our Marshmallow Pops
  • Our items are not suitable for vegans unless otherwise requested
  • All our products contain gluten, with the exception of our Vanilla sponge and Chocolate Mud range which we can cater for gluten-hypersensitivity
  • We do not use animal-derived food colours.
  • None of our items contains alcohol
  • Our dessert pops are suitable for halal based on the above mentioned

Although care is taken at every stage of our baking processes, sometimes a piece of eggshell, a fruit stone, fruit skin or other ingredient from the recipe can find its way into our pops.







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