There is no word in the English language, nor any language, that can completely describe how incredibly delicious our cake pops are. Whereas other cake pops can be a bit much – too sweet, too much chocolate, too dry – our Bakery’s cake pops are as close to perfection as anything could be.

As our recipes create sinfully moist, luscious cake pops, one bite is enough to satisfy your guest’s sweet cravings. All our cake pops are made-to-order according to the number of servings 2 weeks before your wedding date so there’s less wasted cake and cost. Due to the denseness of our cakes, they hold together pretty well which means they’ are also great for bagging up and taking home as wedding favours.

As our cake pops are customised with your wedding palette and theme in mind, no two designs are completely the same as no two weddings are exactly similar. As such, we have name each of our design after the first bride who had order them. One day, we will love to name a design after you too.

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